naming from the north

A good brand story starts with a strong name. This gives the brand a defined profile, inspires the right associations and makes it very memorable.

Strong brand names make companies, products and services truly distinctive. They are sustainable, wind- and weatherproof.

This is only possible with the right combination of creative name development and solid trademark protection.

It’s true wordsmanship.



The path to a noteworthy brand.

Nording develops names, taglines and descriptors for companies, products and services – whether domestic or abroad, and across all industries.

We develop naming systems and long-term strategies for product portfolios and interrelated naming projects.

Our team is very precise and professional, developing strategically sound, linguistically and culturally appropriate solutions that can be protected by copyright. We devote our creativity, an extensive understanding of branding and many years of international experience to ensure that the names, taglines and descriptors we develop are both relevant and effective.

The name creation process can involve a number of different approaches. Often, we compose totally new names – but we sometimes look for intriguing words in other languages as the basis for development. This process of “name finding” helped us come up with great brand names like Amarok and Cooee.

Our strong network of experienced naming experts, well-versed attorneys and trained native speakers collaborates very well, making the name development process smooth and effective.




about me

“I’ve always preferred to call things by their proper names.”

A real northern light

Inventing new words has always been one of my favorite past times – ever since I learned to speak. This was also challenging for my parents from time to time, but that wasn’t enough to stop my passion for the subject. In the end, I studied General Linguistics and Phonetics. For over 23 years now, I’ve been developing brand names as a naming professional. Born and raised in Hamburg, I started my career here and have worked internationally as well.

Before launching Nording, I worked as Associate Naming Director at Interbrand, a leading international branding agency. I was responsible for naming countless products, services and companies.

Today, I’m collaborating with selected wording and branding specialists as part of my new boutique agency. I always find the right people for each name and tagline development project, and achieve the ideal balance of expertise and passion in my team – every time, without any fuss.

Stefanie Roshop
Managing Director

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Nording GmbH

Stefanie Roshop (Managing Director)

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T +49 40 75 36 84 67
F +49 40 75 36 97 85