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A good brand story starts with a strong name. This gives the brand a defined profile, inspires the right associations and makes it very memorable.

Strong brand names make companies, products and services truly distinctive. They are sustainable, wind- and weatherproof. This is only possible with the right combination of creative name development and solid trademark protection.

  • It’s true wordsmanship.


The path to a noteworthy brand.

Nording develops names, taglines and descriptors for companies, products and services – whether domestic or abroad, and across all industries.

We develop naming systems and long-term strategies for product portfolios and interrelated naming projects.

Our team is very precise and professional, developing strategically sound, linguistically and culturally appropriate solutions that can be protected by copyright. We devote our creativity, an extensive understanding of branding and many years of international experience to ensure that the names, taglines and descriptors we develop are both relevant and effective.

The name creation process can involve a number of different approaches. Often, we compose totally new names – but we sometimes look for intriguing words in other languages as the basis for development. This process of “name finding” helped us come up with great brand names like Amarok and Cooee.

Our strong network of experienced naming experts, well-versed attorneys and trained native speakers collaborates very well, making the name development process smooth and effective.


Product names

Note: Some of the examples (marked by an asterisk *) were developed under my lead during my time spent working at Interbrand.

Floya is a mobility app that helps for both residents and visitors find and pay for the best, efficient public transportation routes in Brussels. In a single app, public transport is combined with shared mobility for a seamless mobility experience and a new way of traveling.

The standalone name and colorful design build on the brand promise of "Your travel buddy for Brussels" and aim to draw attention to the new brand.

The name Floya, developed for Truffle Bay, phonetically and contextually associates with the idea of travelling seamlessly through Brussels. It is derived from the Norwegian word Fløy, which means wings. It fittingly describes effortless movement – like a flying bird.

Deutsche Telekom has developed a new mobility platform. This transport service provides a sensible alternative to private vehicle use and covers all aspects of the journey - from information and planning to ticketing, payment and the journey itself.

The project is open to mobility providers from all regions of Germany. The aim is to make door-to-door travel easier and more convenient for everyone - whether by public transport, on-demand services, New Mobility providers, cabs, by bike or on foot. All forms of mobility will be usable with one click - digitally, consistently and conveniently. For this mobility platform, the name goodride was developed by Nording for Meta Design, which conveys in the shortest form the positive, smooth and pleasant locomotion.

Quinyo is a battery-powered bag vacuum cleaner from Melitta /Wolf PVG. It is both easy to maneuver and empty. Quinyo is an abstract name, but sounds like a little assistant who can help clean up quickly from time to time – an effortless, agile and modern solution to keep your home tidy.
Audi is ushering in a new era with the introduction of fully electric concept vehicles. At the same time, the brand is redefining premium mobility and the future of luxury: Driving is no longer the main focus for the passengers inside the car. Instead, the fascinating, exclusive experiences that they can have during their journey are taking centre stage.

It was necessary to find an overarching name for the various automated show car concepts as well as individual names for the ground-breaking concept vehicles that work in combination.

Nording developed the name “Sphere” for Truffle Bay. Audi uses this as a core element for their new series of futuristic concept vehicles. It shifts the focus to the space surrounding the passengers.

Nording also created the name “Skysphere” for a spectacular two-seater model, the first of Audi’s new “Sphere” family.

The Audi Skysphere concept underscores the revolutionary new design of the vehicle’s interior. The name symbolises a new dimension of unprecedented freedoms and experiences that extend far beyond the time spent in the car.

It was necessary to find a new name for the former Alphabeet app, which is used by gardening enthusiasts all year round. The app works like a personal gardening consultant: It supports gardeners all year long with a plot planning tool, an active community, individual work instructions and extensive gardening knowledge. People get digital access to gardeners and horticulturists, making it a cool, social and sustainable tool. The aim was to find a name that could be protected internationally that reflects people’s pride and enthusiasm for cultivation.

The result: the name Fryd.

The playful, friendly monosyllabic word also means “joy” and “feeling of happiness” in Norwegian and Danish. It is the feeling people get when out in nature, talking to other gardening enthusiasts and when harvesting something homegrown. The “y” in the Fryd has two points that turn it into a smiling icon – underscoring the desired impact and the fun social experience gardeners can have.


A new online portal from LSBG (State Agency for Roads, Bridges and Waterways) dramatically simplifies and accelerates the processing of traffic-relevant civil engineering projects in Hamburg. The product helps users by providing one central source of information – covering every step for all activities, from requests to billing. The name BauWeiser says a great deal: It is a guide for all processes related to civil engineering work in the city, providing instructions for construction projects and a call to improve building practices overall.

The Škoda Epiq is the name for the upcoming battery-electric crossover model from Škoda.

The requirements for the name were not only the fixed first and last letter, and the desired brevity of the name, but also the desire for a meaning and finally the requirement that the name should function in 37 registers under trademark law and must not evoke any negative associations in 46 languages.

The Škoda Epiq marks a milestone in Škoda's history and emphasises this with its striking, easy-to-remember model name, which fits perfectly into the nomenclature of the battery-electric Škoda SUV vehicles behind the Enyaq and the Elroq: The E at the beginning stands for the all-electric drive, the Q at the end of the word is the trademark of the brand's SUV range.

Epiq is derived from the ancient Greek word 'epos', which means 'word' or 'verse', but also 'story' or 'poem'. The name creates positive associations with adjectives such as amazing, great, extraordinary and remarkable. With its clever features and versatility, the Škoda Epiq is ideally suited to fulfil the requirements of families as well as lifestyle-oriented customers.

Xadr is a convenient knife sharpener with an aesthetic design ideal for carrying in one’s pocket. This knife sharpener is designed for knife enthusiasts who want to keep their valuable pocket knives as sharp as possible and protect the blades – wherever they might be.

The name “Xadr” sounds casual, yet sharp. It emphasises the idea of a mobile, high-precision companion.

The company Libri provides a “bookselling platform” for booksellers that bundles all relevant product and customer information in one system: enterprise resource management, inventories, vouchers and corporate client management.

Booksellers are able to work across all channels, which allows them to be more responsive and flexible in their customer interactions. It combines the benefits of personal contact with the possibilities offered by the internet.

Quimus is a Latin word that means “we can,” “we are able”. This reflects how the platform allows booksellers to respond better and more precisely to customer needs.

VW Ameo is a compact car with a small notchback, built in India and originally designed for this domestic market. Derived from the Latin verb “amare” = love/like, Ameo is an emotional, memorable name that describes a car that people fall in love with immediately.
VW Nivus is a sub-compact SUV coupé originally designed for the Brazilian market. The model is remarkable primarily because it brings the styling of an exclusive coupé to one of the most affordable price classes.

The name Nivus is perfectly balanced: simultaneously fresh and gentle, yet stable and powerful. Nivus is reminiscent of “news” as well as the Latin word “novus” (new), but modern enough to reflect the vehicle’s updated, sporty design.

VW Virtus is a compact sedan built in Brazil, with a design based on the VW Polo VI. The name Virtus (Lat. = bravery, performance, resolution) says it all about the sedan, designed especially to handle tough Brazilian road conditions: with higher ground clearance, comfortable suspension and an extra protective plate on the underbody.
(In close cooperation with Interbrand Brazil)
Panista produces gluten-free baked goods and sells them online. The products are primarily targeted towards people who have a gastrointestinal disorder caused by gluten intolerance.

The bakery’s items are not pre-baked, but prepared fresh and shipped immediately. They are of outstanding quality (no artificial flavors, palm oil, corn, chemicals or additives) and taste delicious. The company wanted a name that would convey this high quality without specifically targeting only people with gluten intolerance. Derived from “barista”, known for making the best coffee, the brand Panista (Lat. pane = bread) stands for the professional preparation of fresh baked goods – emotional, tasty and competent.

The Wizard Easy Programming software created by ABB makes it possible to easily and intuitively program a robot. The word is also frequently used in IT: A wizard often refers to an assistant that guides users through highly complex configuration tasks if they need help – almost as if by magic.

People can use the Smoothr app to scroll through menus at restaurants, bars and hotels, place their orders and pay without having to wait for the server.

The app makes it possible for the hospitality industry to concentrate on what’s really important. Businesses can devote more time and energy to serving their guests – and customers save time by not having to wait for the bill. The entire process is much smoother as a result.

Smoothr makes restaurant visits (especially in the very busy and short lunch hour) more efficient, predictable and relaxing.

OmniCore is ABB’s new generation robot control system. It offers a wide range of options for motion control, as well as extensive flexibility, strong connectivity and great performance. The OmniCore name stands for the main component of this system: the comprehensive possibilities of one compact, centralized controller that allows you to master all production requirements – while taking up 50% less space.
YuMi is the abbreviated version of “You&Me”, and is the name of the world’s first two-arm robot designed for small assemblies by ABB. It truly works hand-in-hand with a person on various tasks. YuMi means: We work together in a friendly, safe and team-oriented way.
Replacing the brand name Hutschenreuther-Hotel for professional porcelain, Tafelstern unites fine dining with outstanding hotel and restaurant service. The name symbolizes German expertise in porcelain production and is used internationally. It also inspired the key visual – a table napkin folded into the shape of a star. This emotional, modern name has the potential to become a classic.

Filegro is the brand name for a range of Iglo fish filets available in different variations. The name promises a light culinary delight that takes little time to prepare.

HUGO Element is a powerful men’s fragrance that reinterprets the four elements. The top note is fresh, like an ocean breeze. The spicy heart notes of ginger and coriander symbolize the element of fire, and the cedar base note is reminiscent of the earth. The bottle is shaped like an oxygen tank, representing air.

Inspired by the Italian word “Amicizia”, which means friendship, Amicelli is the name of the delicious chocolate-covered wafers by Mars. It imagines the enjoyment of this product, which people prefer to share with friends.

Varianza is the name of the new automatic coffee machine from Melitta. It can grind individual portions of different coffee beans for endless variations on the perfect cup. The name effectively describes the USP, and is still bold and unique.

The name of a spicy, eastern-inspired men’s fragrance from BOSS. Soul reflects the concept behind the fragrance – for the man whose inner strength makes him seductive: subtle, profound and mysterious.

Volkswagen’s first pickup truck is named after the word for “arctic wolf” in the Inuit language. It represents the power, endurance and durability of the vehicle. Its meaning and sound make it an ideal choice for the large off-road vehicle.

This name was developed for use on the Chinese market – for the sister model of the European VW Jetta. The Latin name, which is featured directly on the vehicle, means “arrow” – which reflects the car’s positioning as a German high-performance product.

Descriptive, yet strong: the name for Schüco’s LED window and façade lighting. LightSkin illuminates building envelopes – accentuating the shapes and structures of the architecture rather than allowing it to disappear in the dark.

The lighting solution, developed in collaboration with Zumtobel, is easy to work with and integrated into the profile, protruding only slightly. LightSkin encompasses all of this, and bathes the building in light at night.

Queo means “I can” in Latin, which makes it an ideal name for the versatile plastomer from Borealis. Queo offers the unique combination of rubbery attributes with the excellent workability of plastic, and is frequently used in flexible packaging solutions: One product that can do everything.
Produced by Uvex, Phynomic is the anatomically formed protective glove that perfectly fits the human hand.
Thanks to the ergonomic fit and individually formed fingers, these gloves fit like a second layer of skin and ensure an exceptionally natural sense of touch. They are ideal for precision work that requires instinct and sensitivity.

Company names

Renaming project for Baluco.
The former company name Baluco stood for “Bunker and Lubricants Company”. One of the reasons for the name change was that the company barely did any more business in bunker fuel, but had shifted its focus more to lubricants. Thanks to 20 years of experience and expertise in the lubricants industry, the company is able to handle even the most challenging deliveries. This also guarantees quick support to handle unforeseen fleet requirements – even in remote areas. The new Crosswaters name stands for the company’s agility, willingness to give 100%, venture into new territories and navigate difficult terrain to find solutions for its customers – in every harbor around the world.

This is the new name of the company m-u-t ( Measuring Devices for Medicine and Environmental Technology), which develops and produces tough-free optical high-speed measurement technology. Its range of services expanded considerably through the acquisition of and investment in several different subsidiaries.

The outsourcing of m-u-t AG’s operating business to m-u-t GmbH while keeping the m-u-t brand name often led to confusion and misunderstandings among clients and partners, as well as on the capital market. Combined with the increasing internationalization of the m-u-t Group, this was one reason to rename the strategic financial holding.

The Nynomic name evokes a series of relevant associations, such as speed (“dynamic”), efficiency (“economic”) and innovation (the Scandinavian “Ny” = new). With these associations and a strong sound, Nynomic is an ideal name for international customers and investors to identify an agile, future-oriented and high-growth company.

Nexible is ERGO Versicherung’s digital direct insurance segment.
The company was looking for a credible, straightforward and modern name that would reflect the digital offering and a positive customer experience in terms of products, services and processes.

The Nexible name conveys the division’s proximity to the customer as well as digital agility (next and flexible). It is simply quick – just like the insurance.
(Commissioned by Track GmbH)


Plureos is Europe’s largest and most modern print-on-demand center. Designed by Libri and BoD, the new printing center makes millions of German and international books available at all times – and even offers overnight shipping. The sound of the name (derived from the Latin plural = majority) is reminiscent of the large center, highlighting the unprecedented variety of titles now available.

A new name was sought for a management consultancy that supports insurance companies in shaping their business models for the future. The focus is on strategic, IT and legal consulting.

It was important that the name sounded modern and flexible, but not too playful. At the same time, it should sound pragmatic, credible and professional. The result was the name Stratible, which sounds powerful, associates flexibility and fits a strategy consultancy.

This name was created for one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers in 2015 when Siemens AG sold its Siemens Audiology Solutions to EQT VI and the Santo Holding Group.
The starting syllable “Si” creates a connection to Siemens, while “antos” – derived from the Latin “ante” = front space, which symbolizes the company’s outstanding developments.
As such, Sivantos unifies the years of tradition, experience and know-how of the company with its pioneering work, ongoing improvements in technology and market leadership in the field of audiology.

Global name for Frankfurt Airport’s listed operating company. The concise, clear and strong name encompasses the destination and the airport theme in one. The Fraport name works very well and is known around the world.

The company makes sustainable mobility profitable and fleet operations stress-free. The innovative and efficient fleet management is operated via a data platform.

With data-supported demand forecasting, recommendations for fleet optimization and a crowd-based service team (-> Street Crowd), fleet performance is strengthened by improving utilization and availability as well as operational efficiency.

Of course, the new name should first and foremost work in terms of branding. Ideally, however, the name should also convey the idea of collaboration. It's not just about a mobility concept, but about connecting the mobility ecosystem with the energy ecosystem of the future and linking algorithmic decision-making with real life.

The newly developed name Necture can be used internationally under trademark law and is linguistically acceptable. It associates the central theme of the connection and the future-oriented approach in an attractive way.

Under the name Tourimia, seven regional tourism organisations in northern Baden-Württemberg have joined forces to attract tourists.

The seven districts no longer wanted to be perceived as small-scale organizations, but as a strong tourism brand. This brand should appear down-to-earth, friendly and hospitable. A regional reference for the name - as originally envisaged - was unrealistic due to the different regions (from the Rhine to East Württemberg). Instead, it was important to find a simple, overarching name that encompasses all regions.

The new name Tourimia suggests: "The tourism region for me". The name for the umbrella organization is uncomplicated, open and can be linked to all seven districts.


Spiriant is the company name for LCL (Lufthansa Catering Logistics), the global provider of in-flight service products and equipment, as well as logistics for airlines. The name marks a truly new beginning: from the dry, unimaginative abbreviation to a provider of fresh, inspiring solutions.

These especially play an important role in the design of the in-flight service products.

The best thing about Spiriant with the claim: “where inspiration meets performance”: In addition to being associated with creativity, the name has a very trusting sound – which is very important for a company name.

The name of one of the world’s largest companies in the agricultural business. “Syn” (Greek = together) inspires associations with synergy and synthesis, and is a good way to describe the integration or bundling of forces. The syllable “gen” refers to genetic technology, an important field for the company. The name is trademarked in 30 countries, registered for 25 domains and works equally well in 30 different languages.

Talanx is one of the largest insurance groups in Europe. Derived from the term phalanx, a tightly knit battlefield formation used in ancient Greece, the name conveys magnitude, strength, and, most importantly: stability.

Capvis is one of the leading investment companies in the German-speaking region of Europe. Capvis’ aim is to invest in attractive companies, release additional business potential, and successfully continue with its strategic and operational development. Capvis exudes strength and supports the idea of a capital partner designed to inspire potential. The element “Cap” is reminiscent of both “capital” and “capacity”. The forward-looking ending “vis” is associated with the term “vision” and also reinforced by its meaning in Latin: “power”.

Chefs United is a unique global network from Symrise that connects over 26,000 chefs across all continents. Cooks at every level in the culinary spectrum are invited to join – from three-star restaurants to cafeterias. The cooks provide information about local tastes, typical methods of preparation, and the latest trends and flavors from around the world. The name says what it is – clear, yet casual: a large association of professional chefs.

This name encompasses an entire sentence, namely: “I’m here – where are you?” This call has brought Australia’s aborigines together over hundreds of years. It’s a very special word – with a unique sound [ku:’i…] that carries over long distances. Cooee is now also used as the name for the new DER Touristik theme hotels. It’s a great fit considering the important role that mutual understanding and communication play at the Cooee Hotels, e.g. the free high-speed WLAN available throughout the hotel to connect guests with the world.

RAPP Germany became Track – an agency that has decided to go in its own direction. RAPP Germany – originally founded as a direct marketing agency – now designs networked communication solutions for its clients ranging from dialogue and advertising to social media. Separated from the international RAPP network, the agency’s range of services is new, unique and needed a name that would not necessarily be limited to Germany.
The new name TRACK works at a number of different levels: It represents the traces consumers leave on their customer decision journey – as well as the right path in an increasingly complex world of communication.

About me

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Inventing new words has always been one of my favorite past times – ever since I learned to speak. This was also challenging for my parents from time to time, but that wasn’t enough to stop my passion for the subject. In the end, I studied General Linguistics and Phonetics. For more than 20 years now, I’ve been developing brand names as a naming professional. Born and raised in Hamburg, I started my career here and have worked internationally as well.

Before launching Nording, I worked as Associate Naming Director at Interbrand, a leading international branding agency. I was responsible for naming countless products, services and companies.

Today, I’m collaborating with selected wording and branding specialists as part of my new boutique agency. I always find the right people for each name and tagline development project, and achieve the ideal balance of expertise and passion in my team – every time, without any fuss.

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